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About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company
Here at lethbridge pamir roofing a major contribution to our success is that Lethbridge Pamir roofing recruits, hires and retains highly skilled individuals at all levels of our operation. Our knowledgeable and expert sales staff is the very best in the industry. We pride ourselves on the fact that we employ the last of the few true journeyman roofers in Lethbridge.

Lethbridge Pamir roofing is a family owned company run by a dedicated team of longtime employees – people who have invested a tremendous amount of passion and energy into making it one of the top roofing companies in Southern Alberta.
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Our Process

Everything you need to know about our Company
Here at Lethbridge Pamir Roofing, Our end goal is for our valued customers to have a worry free and ease when it comes to your new roof. Let Pamir Roofing handle the rest. Our process is very simple, and we want you to be at ease as we work above your most valued investment you house, and the thing that protects it best which is your roof.
  • We will deliver roofing materials prior to starting the installation, we will store them on top of your roof, immediately the following week we hope to complete the roof.
  • Our specialized crew will arrive early in the morning and with respect and peace of mind, but most importantly respecting your privacy.
  • No vulgar language or profane attitude is allowed on the job site.
  • Our job isn’t just roofing, we protect your entire house. We leave it the way it was prior to our arrival that means protecting any bushes, flowerbeds, trees etc.
  • We will rip your old roof and comply to the city’s rules and regulation waste management's policies and strive to be environmentally friendly.
  • We will install the new roof, whether its just a repair or a new roof we conduct a thorough walk around the roof to make sure everything is sealed and there are no membranes open for leakage.
  • Your satisfaction is important to us and your approval is highly valuable. Without your approval we will not leave the job site.

Our Services

We provide Amazing Solutions
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Don’t be fooled into choosing one of those "handyman" or unlicensed contractors, Trust Lethbridge Pamir Roofing. We will provide a computerized Roof Repair estimate that is easy to understand along with a written warranty for the roof repair. In some cases, a complete roof replacement may be necessary; but how do you know? Let us give you an honest, thorough FREE Roof Estimate so you can be sure you’re not getting talked into an expensive roof replacement project that you may not really need. Drop Us a Line.

Effective Planning


Our expert roofing contractors and employers here at Lethbridge Pamir Roofing will meet with you at a time that’s convenient for you to inspect your roof and provide you a cost for replacing your roof.

Our roofing contractors will also provide a package with roofing solutions that include everything you will need to help you make a decision about replacing your roof, on your most valuable investment.

Why choose Us?


A type of roof shingle, widely used in North America, because they have a relatively inexpensive up-front cost and are fairly simple to install. Asphalt shingles have varying qualities which help them survive wind, hail, or fire damage and discoloration.

Solar reflective shingles help reduce air conditioning costs in hot climates by being a better reflective surface.

Wind damage: Asphalt shingles come in varying resistance to wind damage. Shingles with the highest fastener pull through resistance, bond strength of the self-seal adhesive, properly nailed will resist wind damage the best. Extra precautions can be taken in high wind areas to fasten a durable underlayment and/or seal the plywood seams in the event the shingles are blown off. That’s why we Tar everything to give the shingles extra resistance to wind. There are many more advantages to Asphalt Shingles such as Algae resistance, fire resistance as they have a better flame spread rating and have a class A rating.

Why choose Us?


Shakes have traditionally been used for roofing and siding application around the world for many years, Here at Pamir, our Workers are experts at shakes, whether its repair or re-roof of a new house.

Shakes which are basically split logs, which provide long lasting weather protection and a rustic aesthetic, though they tend to require more maintenance.

Customer Testimonails

The team at Pamir Roofing did a fantastic job re-doing the roof on our 80 year-old Colonial home. The whole crew were professional, worked efficiently and left the space clean. We've not had a problem with the roof since. They are reasonably priced as well after getting estimates from various roofing company, theirs was the most affordable and they backed it up with 6 years warranty. Quality work and a job well done. Thanks again

Sher Agha
Customer Testimonails

Thank you very much for the high quality work! Very reasonable prices, fast respond and personal attention to every detail. I will recommend to all my friends and colleges.

Sebastian Smith

Our Portfolio

Some of Our Esteemed Projects
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Space Station

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Lakeview Center

Lethbridge Cedar Shake

Would you like to build your new ROOF with Us? Enquire Here
Bottom Trust

You're in Good Hands.

Five Points that define Our Reliability.
  • We offer a 6 year workmanship warranty
  • No vulgar language, loud music or smoking on the job site.
  • We strive to hire only the best skilled roofers in town
  • We know that above all our customers happiness brings us satisfaction and they are valued at highest level.
  • We are licensed, insured, bonded and we know that your house is your biggest investment and we strive to be able to provide you with a clean and professional job site

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